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Here you will find advice from parents for parents. When your kid is diagnosed with an epileptic syndrome you will face many questions, challenges, fears and frustrations. But we should not forget all the positive aspects of our special child as well. Listed below is a list with advice from parents. Of course not all are applicable for everybody, but we are sure you can benefit from some of them.
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Donít forget yourself


The most important advice for ALL parents: Donít forget yourself, spoil yourself sometimes! All the time being there for you special child is exhausting. But it pays off, when you see small steps in the right direction. And that gives us the power and the energy to go on! For this we need a compliment or a treat! Therefore: go out and have diner! Have someone come over and cook for you! Go to a movie or the theatre! Or, just sit in the bathtub and relax! Letís spoil ourselves once in a while. WE DESERVED IT!


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