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This site has been made by the parents and friends of Jake Austin Wiesenfeld, a Dutch Dravet-kid.

Therefore the information you will find here is not official from any epileptic institute or any doctor/neuro-surgeon. Due to the fact that there is only little organised information available about this unique syndrom, we found it neccessary to develop this site.

This site consists mainly from descriptions of this syndrom which we found on the internet or in publications. Also you can read stories from Dravet-kids from all over the world. With these stories we hope that parents can learn from each other and better understand this syndrom. Should you be a parent of a Dravet-kid and be willing to share your information or experience with us, please contact us. Also we kindly ask any specialists with additional information to share it with us. The more information parents can find, the better they are prepared to be make their live and the live of the Dravet-kid as happy as possible.

We hope that this site will become a briefcase of all sorts of information, so parents can quickly find the required information


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