Name: Jenna

Sex: female

Date of birth: 20/04/1990

Now lives in: Glasgow Scotland United Kingdom

Epilepsy info

Jenna was diagnosed with Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy at 9months old then had the dna test in 2000 and tested positive

type(s) of seizures:
Partial myoclonic most types

frequency of seizures:
Up until the age of 8 Jenna's seizures were every day

Medications used

Triple Bromide

As Jenna is now 18 she has tried every kind of medication to many to mention. When she started on Triple Bromide it was the answer to our prayers; her seizures massively reduced an d for the past 6 years Jenna has had only 4 seizures all short.

Personal Notes

I saw this site and read all of your stories and it was like going down memory lane, bad I should add. Jenna is my daughter and she is 18 years old and is a true diamond of a girl. I am telling her story to tell all of you that there is light at the end of these dark days you are all experiencing. I have been where all of you have lying beside her in ICU for days on end spending weeks in hospitals being discharged in the morning then admitted again in the evening not knowing what the future holds for your child quality of life etc.
Not understanding why a healthy happy child can be so unwell just not being prepared.
Myself and my husband never had any other children which I do regret but we had to devote to our beautiful daughter.
Although Jenna has learning difficulties she has lead as normal a life as she could she swims, cycles ,goes out with friends listens to music knows all about computers etc loves fashion and make-up just a typical 18year old has a great sense of humour and fun to be around.
When Jenna was 9 months old we were told she may not walk or talk and have a whole load of difficulties to overcome.
Well 17 years later she is proof that although at times you are numb with fear rememmber Jenna's story.
She has sat her exams and passed them all she has travelled with her school on vacations and I believe will eventually get married and have a full and happy life the best has yet to come for all your wonderful and brave children always be positive I am so proud of Jenna and I am so sure that all of you are of your kids. If any of you want to get in touch or want to ask me anything feel free to get in touch.

Contact, Jan Gray

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