Name: Alexander Dalpe

Sex: male

Date of birth: July 8, 2005

Now lives in: Rehoboth, MA, USA

Epilepsy info

Dravetís Syndrome, SCN1A test 01/2006

type(s) of seizures:
Tonic clonic, Clonic, absence, partial and myoclonic

frequency of seizures:
tonic clonic about 1 every 1-2 months, not sure about the absence, partials about 1-3 per month. And myoclonic seizures from 100-200 or more per day.

Medications used

Keppra, Phenobarbital,Clobazam, Clonodine and B6


Alternative Treatments
Alex will be starting the Ketogenic diet in July

Personal Notes

More about Alex at:
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Contact, Beth Dalpe

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